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Coach Eddie and his staff at Hamptons Baseball Camp exceed expectations in all ways. They treat children of all ages as if they each will be future major leaguers, spending as much time with the beginners, encouraging them in an extremely positive way, as they do with those that are more advanced. Unlike most "camps" and little leagues, Coach Eddie teaches the kids the fundamentals and the right way to play the game, but in a way that is fun and enticing for the children. As a parent, I love watching and seeing how Eddie's love and passion for the game is shared in such a positive way with all the kids that attend the Hamptons Baseball Camp. One of the things that has impressed me the most is how Eddie addresses the group in each and every session, asking all the kids to "take a knee", speaking to them as if they are in the big leagues, but in an extremely positive and encouraging way, sharing with them tips on how to play the game and also life lessons like encouraging your fellow teammates and being a mentor and positive influence on the younger kids at the camp.

My son Lucas started with Eddie when he was 5 years old. He has learned so much and his love for the game has grown tremendously as a result. I always recommend Coach Eddie and the Hamptons Baseball Camp to anyone I know with kids in the Hamptons. Even if your child knows nothing about baseball, bets are after a couple sessions at Hamptons Baseball Camp with Coach Eddie and staff they will become baseball fans for life and learn how to be a great teammate and sport along the way!

-TJ Jetnil, January 2014



I sent two boys to Hamptons Baseball Camp this past summer. Within one week, they not only became better ballplayers, but they both fell in love with the camp, the environment, and baseball. As with many camps, there are children of all ages attending, and the older kids were supportive and encouraging to the younger kids. It made for a great experience. We will be going back again next summer.

-Bill Zafiros, January 2014