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From the Director

Hamptons Baseball Camp believes in four guiding principles:

Safety, Player Development, Cooperation and Competition.


Safety is our first priority and will be administered as it relates to basic operational protocol and as it relates to factors like proper preparation, hydration, fitness, arm health, sliding, outfield communication, diet, bunting, injury prevention, skill techniques and a player's overall approach to decision making and playing.

Player Development

Our hope is for all campers to make baseball a life-long endeavor and to realize that it takes considerable time and effort to achieve excellence in this unique sport which calls upon the player to be athletically versatile and emotionally even keeled.

All ballplayers possess the ability to be factoring contributors to their teams. HBC works with our campers to help them understand how they can maximize the obvious talents they possess and gain competence in areas where needed. Beyond physical abilities, we stress the importance of building comfort on the baseball field, thus minimizing the trepidation that comes along with playing baseball.


Like no other sport, baseball is a cauldron of emotions which, if not managed properly, can affect individual and team performance. Before we offer any coaching points related to technique or strategy, we prioritize team concepts and the underlying theme of comfort building through respect, cooperation and the pursuit of excellence.


All baseball teams, on all levels have an 'identity'.

At HBC, once we have achieved cooperation, we introduce competition parameters like score keeping, primary and secondary defensive positions, game series and kid pitch.

We are proud to be entering our twelfth season in Water Mill!

As such, we are fortunate to have many returning campers, some of whom are now our coaches, and all of whom are tuned in to our ethos and doctrine, which greatly helps our team building process.

Through the early phases of given camp week we establish a level of cooperation that allows for the healthy type of competition which campers and coaches alike thoroughly enjoy and learn from.

As coaches and parents, we are in this together and we stress that the lines of communication are always open. We also encourage parents to be present as fans.

When the groups come together the play on the field, with all it's thrills, is a tremendous spectator sport.

We thank you for being a part of our camp community and look forward to another winning season!